f(x) Members Choose Who is The Queen in SNSD

From high cut


Amber chose Tiffany as Midnight Snack Queen. Last time when she went to soshi dorm, tiffany always eat a lot of rice.

Krystal chose Hyoyeon as Gag Queen. Since trainee days she’s so funny. No matter what she said it can make me laugh.

Amber chose Sooyoung as Invective(?) Queen. Coz of her i learned a lot. I like an honest person. Amber u should do like this, Korean culture is like this, Sooyoung unnie taught me a lot.

Victoria chose Sooyoung as Airport Fashion Queen. Her body is like a mannequin no matter what she’s wearing, she looks like a model.

Amber, Krystal n Victoria chose Sunny as Aegyo Queen.

Krystal chose Jessica as Airport Fashion Queen.

Sulli chose Yoona as No Make Up Queen. Everyone agree to this. She looks innocent n loveable.

Krystal also chose Yoona as No Make Up Queen . I think Yoona unnie looks better without make up.

Sulli chose Sooyoung as Fashion Designer. Whether its lovely or loose clothes, she can wear it well. When i look at Sooyoung unnie clothes, i always said its pretty its pretty.

Krystal chose Jessica as Fashion Designer . If unnie become fashion designer, i’ll always wear her clothes.

Cedit : rebecca_bebex @ onehallyu
Edited by dobebin, hikavirgonis

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